Process Explorer

Enhanced version of Task Manager



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How to launch


Find Handle or DLL

A powerful feature that allows you to search for processes that are using a specific handle or DLL.
It can also identify the Application that is opening the target file or folder.


  1. Click “Find Handle or DLL…” in Find.
  2. enter the name of the DLL or Handle you want to find, and click the “Search” button.
    As a result, you can find the related process

Find Window’s Process


By dragging and dropping this icon onto the window of the application, you can identify the process.
For example, if you know the Window but not the process name, you can use this.



Item name Description
Run At Logon Autostart Process Explorer when the user logs on
Verify Image Signatures Enable to verify signatures Scan for viruses at
Always On Top Make Window Topmost
Replace Task Manager Replace Task Manager with Process Explorer
Hide When Minimized Don’t show icons in the taskbar when the window is minimized
Allow Only One Instance Only one Process Explorer can be started
Confirm Kill Whether to confirm when stopping a process
Tray Icons Set the icons to be displayed in the tray

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