How to check members

To check the members, use Get-Member


PS> $date = Get-Date
PS> $date | Get-Member
   TypeName: System.DateTime
Name                 MemberType     Definition
----                 ----------     ----------
Add                  Method         datetime Add(timespan value)
AddDays              Method         datetime AddDays(double value)
AddHours             Method         datetime AddHours(double value)
AddMilliseconds      Method         datetime AddMilliseconds(double value)
AddMinutes           Method         datetime AddMinutes(double value)
AddMonths            Method         datetime AddMonths(int months)
AddSeconds           Method         datetime AddSeconds(double value)
AddTicks             Method         datetime AddTicks(long value)
AddYears             Method         datetime AddYears(int value)
CompareTo            Method         int CompareTo(System.Object value), int CompareTo(datetime value), int IComparab...
Equals               Method         bool Equals(System.Object value), bool Equals(datetime value), bool IEquatable[d...
# ~Omission~
Ticks                Property       long Ticks {get;}
TimeOfDay            Property       timespan TimeOfDay {get;}
Year                 Property       int Year {get;}
DateTime             ScriptProperty System.Object DateTime {get=if ((& { Set-StrictMode -Version 1; $this.DisplayHin...
PS> $date.AddDays(2)
2020年5月25日 17:15:18


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