GitHub Actions + Flutter

I built a Flutter project using GitHub Actions.

I am now able to Build and Release Flutter projects.
There are a few things that have stumped me, so I’ll try to write about them here.
*It was still in beta at the time, so it may be improved in the future.

Stumbling Points.

Applying the Dart workflow to a Flutter project doesn’t work.

I somehow set up the following workflow. However, it did not work.
I needed to set up a workflow for Flutter.


Currently, the following flutter-action seems to be a good way to set up the environment for Flutter.


I don’t understand the secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN used when releaase

GITHUB_TOKEN suddenly appears in yaml, I don’t understand.

    - name: Push APK to Releases
      uses: ncipollo/release-action@v1
        artifacts: "build/app/outputs/apk/release/*.apk"
        token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}

The official documentation stated that GitHub automatically generates GITHUB_TOKEN.

GitHub automatically creates a GITHUB_TOKEN secret to use in your workflow.


But since you go to the trouble of specifying it in yaml, you really have to specify it somewhere on GitHub, don’t you? I was skeptical.
The result was that it was automatically generated, so it worked even if I didn’t pay attention to it.
Sorry for my doubt.

I can’t get Marketplace search to work.

I searched “ncipollo/release-action” on GitHub Marketplace to release it, but it didn’t come up.
I searched for “release” and it came up. The official name was “Create Release.
I hope this naming confusion will improve as the GitHub Actions ecosystem matures.

Why did I decide to use this ACTION?

The reason I decided to use the above action was because it was linked from the official Flutter documentation.
There may be other good Release actions. - Continuous delivery with Flutter

GitHub - nabilnalakath/flutter-githubaction


GitHub - miajimyu/flutter_counter

GitHub - miajimyu/flutter_web_sample

To put a badge on the README.

GitHubヘルプ - ワークフローのステータスバッジをリポジトリに追加する


GitHubブログ - GitHub ActionsにCI/CD機能を搭載〜パブリックリポジトリでは無料で利用可能

GitHubヘルプ - GitHub Actionsのドキュメント


GitHub Actions (beta) can now be used to Build/Release Flutter projects.
It’s nice that GitHub itself, which manages source code, has CI/CD functionality.

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