How to use GitHub Pages

How to use GitHub Pages to easily create and publish static websites.

We have tried two methods while looking at the official site.

  • Prepare HTML and publish the site
  • Prepare Markdown and publish the site


I did a lot of research on the web about how to do this.
The easiest to understand was the official site.
So, it is better to check the latest official information.

GitHub Pages


Created Website
HTML version.
index.html that only displays Hello World.
*Maybe this one will be changed in the future.
Markdown Version.
Markdown is left at the default shown after selecting Theme. and _config.yml have been generated.





  • It is very easy to publish a static site.
  • There are two ways to publish a static site: you can prepare HTML or you can prepare Markdown and have it converted to HTML
  • If you create repository, the URL is https://<username>
  • If you create another repository, it will be published at the URL https://<username><repository name>.

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