There are several ways to run external commands in PowerShell

Run from the current directory

To run a file in the current directory, run it with .\.

# .\Program.exe arguments
PS C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer> .\iexplore.exe

# Can be done with slash.
# PowerShell does not distinguish between backslashes and slashes, so you can use
PS C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer> ./iexplore.exe

If the path is available

When the path is passed, you can omit .\.
The extension can also be omitted.

PS> notepad
PS> notepad.exe

If a path has spaces

Execute with the form & 'blank path'.

# & 'C:\Program Files\Program\Program.exe' arguments
PS> & 'C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe'

In PowerShell, if you enclose a variable in double quotes, the variable inside will be evaluated as an expression.
Therefore, in order to execute the command as intended, enclose it in single quotes.


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